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What is the focus box?

The focus box offers a way to narrow down the focus of the whole course to a specific week or topic. This is very helpful when the participant/instructor doesn't want to see all of the topics at once.

If the user has a slow internet connection, it also helps to focus the course to a topic, so that the whole page does not have to load.

VIdeo Tutorial:

Inside a course, look for a single box in the top, right corner of the topic/weekly section.

Click on the box in order to narrow down the focus to the specified topic. Notice the appearance of two boxes.

You have now "focused" your course view to this specific topic.

Notice that when you scroll down the page, you will see a "jump" box, rather than the other topics.

Click on the jump box to navigate to the other topics.

In order to return to a full view of the course, click on the double boxes with your mouse.

Here is an image of a course that has not been focused onto a topic.

Note the different topic areas, shown in sequence.

Advanced Tip #1

If you want to create links to your course that are already in "focus" mode, view the URL of the page, while in the focus mode. In this example, the # for the id represents the course id. The "&topic=" element tells the site to only show a specific topic. e.g. The second topic in the course will have "&topic=2" in the URL.

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