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How do I add a topic to a forum?

Click on the "Add a new discussion topic" button.

Create a subject for your post

Create a message for the forum.

Choose the format of the message.

1. Moodle auto-format

This format is best for when you are using normal web forms for entry (instead of the Richtext HTML editor). Just type text normally, as if you were sending an email.

When you save your text, Moodle will do a number of things to automatically format your text for you.

For example, URLs such as or even will be turned into links.
Your line breaks will be retained, and blank lines will start new paragraphs.

Smiley characters such as :-) will automatically become their graphical equivalents.

You can even embed HTML code if you want to and it will be retained.


2. HTML format

This format assumes the text is pure HTML. If you are using the HTML editor to edit text then this is the default format - all the commands in the toolbar are producing HTML for you.

Even if you are not using the Richtext HTML editor, you can use HTML code in your text and it should come out exactly as you intended.

Unlike the Moodle auto-format, no automatic formatting is performed.

3. Plain text format

This format is useful when you need to include lots of code or HTML that you want to be displayed exactly as you wrote it.

It still translates spaces and new lines, but otherwise your text isn't touched.

4. Markdown text format

Markdown format tries to make it easy as possible to type well-formatted XHTML pages using nothing but text written more or less like you would write an email.

It's very good for writing clean text pages with some headings and some lists but without many links or messages.

Choose the subscription method for the message post.

When a person is subscribed to a forum it means that they will be sent email copies of every post in that forum (posts are sent about 30 minutes after the post was first written).

People can usually choose whether or not they want to be subscribed to each forum.

However, if a teacher forces subscription on a particular forum then this choice is taken away and everyone in the class will get email copies.

This is especially useful in the News forum and in forums towards the beginning of the course (before everyone has worked out that they can subscribe to these emails themselve

Choose file(s)* to upload as an attachment.

* If this is an Advance Forum, you will be able to add more than one attachment file.

Click the "Post to forum" button to complete.

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