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How do I add a calendar event?

Students may add "User events" to their personal Moodle calendars. A user event is a private event. Only the student can see it.

Locate the Upcoming Events block on the course page and click on the "New Event" link.

If you do not see the Upcoming Events block, the course creator may not have enabled it for the course.

Give the event a name.

Tip: Try to avoid generic names. Be specific.

Add a helpful description.

Choose your date and time, duration and repeat settings. Click the "Save changes" button to save.

Your event has been added to your calendar.

Remember that this is a user event. It is not visible to other members of the class.

Your entry is visible in the daily view, the weekly view and the monthly view of the calendar.

You may edit or delete your entry.

To edit the entry, click on the edit icon. In this image, that is the little hand. To delete the entry, click on the delete icon. That is generally an "X," as seen in this image.

You may export the calendar.

Windows users click on the "Export calendar" button. Mac users click on the "iCal" button.

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