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How to submit an Advanced uploading of files (Assignment 2.2) in Moodle 2.

Advanced uploading of files provides more flexibility with student submission by allowing students to submit more than one file at a time. This assignment type is typically the most popular choice for many instructors. One of the features of this assignment type is the ability to create a Notes field, which serves as an online text option for students to attach with their file submission. If enabled, participants may enter notes into text area, similar to Online text assignment. This text box can be used for communication with the instructor, to report on assignment progress, or any other necessary written component relevant to the assignment. Follow the steps below to submit an Advanced uploading of files Assignment in Moodle 2.

Read the instructions for the assignment and click "Upload files."

Click "Add" to open the File Picker.

Use the File picker to select the file. Once the file is located, click "Upload this file."

Select an area to find the file and/or to add a file that can then be selected:

1. Server files - Files saved on the site. Available options are dependent on user role.

2. Recent files - Files the user has recently added.

3. Upload files - Upload files and folders from the local computer.

4. Private files - Files that belong to the user.

The file selected here will be added to the Advanced upload of files Assignment.

Click "Add" again to add another file.

Repeat the same procedure above to add more files to the list.

Click "Save changes" and complete your submission.

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