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How to submit an Online text Assignment (Assignment 2.2) in Moodle 2.

Online text assignment is useful for writing to be done online and submitted for grading—think of it like a brief, reflective assignment that is between the student and instructor. Create this type of assignment to have students submit text using the normal Moodle editing tools. Grade online and even add inline comments or changes. The Inline comments feature allows for direct edits or comments on student work from within Moodle. This can save time from downloading documents, tracking changes, and uploading again. Submit an Online text Assignment by following the steps below.

Read the instructions for the assignment and click "Add submission."

Type or paste text submission into the box. Then click the "Save changes" button.

Note: Because network connections can sometimes be unreliable, before clicking "Save changes" and submit the assignment, consider selecting the text and copying it to a clipboard. If there is an error with the submission, a full copy of the assignment will be on the clipboard and can be resubmitted after the network connection is re-established.
The Assignment will be time-stamped with the date/time of submission.

If resubmission is allowed, a user can return to the assignment and click "Edit my submission" to make changes to the text.

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