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What is the My Private files Block in Moodle 2?

The My Private files block is a space specific to each user where they can upload and manage files. There are two locations where the private files are accessible, first in the My Private Files block and also within a users Profile. In the private files users are able to create folders to organize their files. Users are able to access files located in the private files area in any course in which they are enrolled.

The My Private files block is a location to manage user files.

Click "Manage my private files" to access the file manager.

Click "Add..." to upload files

The file picker will display to upload files from the local computer, recent files, or other enabled repositories.

Select "Create folder" to make folders to organize files.

Enter the name of the folder in the text window, then click "Create Folder."

By clicking "Download all" all files will be made into a zip file to save locally.

Use the action menu next to each folder/file to Zip, Rename, Move, or Delete.

Click "Save changes."

All changes made in the file manager will be lost if "Save changes" is not selected before exiting the file manager.

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