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How to create an Assignment in Moodle 2.

The Assignment module allows teachers to collect work from students, review it and provide feedback including grades. When using assignments, students can submit any electronic files (e.g., Word-processed documents, spreadsheets, images, audio, video clips) or type their response directly into Moodle. Follow the steps below to create an assignment in Moodle 2:

Turn on editing mode.

Scroll to the section of the course where the Assignment is to be added/edited.

Expand the "Add an activity" drop-down menu and select "Assignment."

Complete General settings.

1. Enter the Assignment name.

2. Provide the Description for the Assignment.

3. Check box to Display description on course section.


Complete Assignment settings.

1.    Choose availability/due dates.
a.    Allow submissions from: is when the participant can first access/submit the Assignment.
c. Due date: This is when the assignment is due. Submissions will still be allowed after this date but any assignments submitted after this date are marked as late.
b.    Cut-off date: is the last date the sssignment can be submitted without an extension.

2. If disabled, the Assignment Description will only become visible to students at the "Allow submissions from" date.

3.    Choose if the participant can indicate to the facilitator that they have finished working on an assignment. The facilitator may choose to revert the assignment to draft status (if it requires further work, for example).

4. Require that students accept the submission statement for all submissions to this assignment.

5. Choose whether graders (instructors) receive emails upon submission.

6. Choose whether graders (instructors) receive emails upon late submission.

Select group assignment settings and Blind marking.

1. If enabled students will be divided into groups based on the default set of groups or a custom grouping. A group submission will be shared among group members and all members of the group will see each others changes to the submission.

2. If enabled, all members of the student group must click the submit button for this assignment before the group submission will be considered as submitted. If disabled, the group submission will be considered as submitted as soon as any member of the student group clicks the submit button.

3. This is the grouping that the assignment will use to find groups for student groups. If not set - the default set of groups will be used.

4. Blind marking hides the identity of students to markers. Blind marking settings will be locked once a submission or grade has been made in relation to this assignment.

Select Submission settings.

1. Choose whether students are able to type an online text for their submission.

2. Enable students to send files as their assignment submission.

3. Choose how many files can be uploaded.

4. Choose maximum size of upload files.

5 Choose whether students students can leave comments on their own submission.

Configure Feedback settings

1. Allow feedback comments per submission.

2. Allow for feedback files to be sent back to the student from the instructor.

3. If enabled, the teacher will be able to download and upload a worksheet with student grades when marking the assignments.

Configure Grade settings.

1.    Select a custom rating Scale, or how many points should be scored.

2. Choose Grading method:
a. Simple direct grading
b. Checklist
c. Rubric
d. Marking guide

3. Select the gradebook category to place this Assignment.

Select Outcomes to associate to this content

Define Common module & Restrict access settings.

1. Select Common module settings. Click here to learn how.

2. Determine Restrict access conditions. Click here to learn how.

Select Activity completion settings.

If enabled, Activity completion is tracked, either manually or automatically, based on certain conditions. Multiple conditions may be set if desired and the activity will only be considered complete when ALL conditions are met.

1. Select Completion tracking method.

2. Select date when the Activity is expected to be completed. The date is not shown to students and is only displayed in the Activity completion report. Click here to learn how to view the Activity completion report.

Click "Save and display."

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